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Today we are glad to introduce for your consideration a dataset, which includes a number of e-mails accounts by LifeNews employees during various periods of time, including Aram Gabrelyanov’s mailbox, information from his Facebook account (private messages, etc.) and files from two Apple devices.

This auction will be held privately until 2 July 2016. After this date, access to a lot will get a wider range of interested parties. All questions concerning the lot you can send us either via e-mail info@joker.buzz or via the messenger Threema for faster and more secure communication. Our Threema id is specified in the "Contacts".

The Main Characters:

• Aram Gabrelyanov aram@life.ru. E-mails are available for the periods 09.08.2013 – 23.01.2014, 04.26.2016 – 27.06.2016. Total: 5600 messages;

• Laysan Suleymanova (before marriage Muhamedzyanova )l.suleymanova@life.ru. E-mails are available for the periods 20.07.2013 – 09.17.2013, 21.04.2014 – 26.12.2014, 16.03.2015 – 12.06.2016. Total: 2611 messages; muhamedzanova@life.ru . E-mails are available for the period 08.14.2013 – 01.23.2014. Total: 464 messages;

• Anna Ahmadieva a.ahmadieva@izvestia.ru. E-mails are available for the period 10.07.2012 – 23.01.2014. Total: 2430 messages;

• Alexei Cost kost@life.ru. E-mails are available for the period 26.02.2013 – 01.10.2014. Total: 219 messages;

• Samira Ramazanova z.ramazanova@life.ru. E-mails are available for the periods 30.07.2013 – 23.01.2014, 11.04.2016 – 12.06.2016. Total: 2862 messages;

• Tatiana Tyutyunnik tutunnik@life.ru. E-mails are available for the periods 05.01.2013 – 27.01.2014, 27.10.2015 – 09.06.2016. Total: 1069 messages;

• Dmitry Kovalchuk dkovalchuk@life.ru. E-mails are available for the period 06.08.2012 – 18.20.2013. Total: 597 messages;

• Gregory Telnov telnov@zhizn.ru. E-mails are available for the periods 15.06.2011 – 07.12.2012, 17.07.2013 – 01.22.2014. Total: 3757 messages;

• The technical mailbox for the news suggestions crime@life.ru. E-mails are available for the period 09.08.2013 – 01.23.2014. Total: 5405 messages.

Note: Some letters might be missing for specific days, weeks and even months due to lack of information on the server.

The bulk of the e-mails are dedicated to the LifeNews' backstage: how to serve up this or that information, whom to hire and what are the criteria, who should be fired. The discussion often is taken place beyond the colleagues’ back.

A part of accounting is also available. You will be able to see on what purposes the money is spent as well as the amount of expenses (Excel-file). Besides you may enjoy reading discussions about salaries of broadcasters, correspondents and journalists along with heartbreaking e-mails from the dismissed journalists.

LifeNews’ Contracts: you can obtain the information about the contract value and description of the work to be done. Among other issues the lot provides with numerous CV of trainees and young journalists (PDF-files).

Aram receives regular reports from such media as the Radio RSN (Russian News Service Radio), Izvestia, LifeNews. Among this reports you can see some PDF files with Izvestia front pages for approval.

Orders from the online stores, reports on orders from Gabrelyanov’s AppleID. Several attached phone records.

And also the information from the Facebook account of Aram Gabrelyanov (facebook.com/aram.gabrelyanov), which might cover a range of dates from the very registration day till 06.12.2016. You may get the profile backup, including all personal messages.

And here we have some files from Aram Gabrelyanov iCloud (2014- 2015 years).

Take a look at several screenshots:


Working moments:

The lawyers did not read, so did not approve.


Who is naked in the shower? (In the original the photo will be given without retouching)



"Friendly" team from time to time stools Aram on colleagues.

LifeNews’ fees for the work in the area where combat operations were conducted. Aram’s comment "What they are talking about?" is just priceless.

Dear guests of the radio station Echo of Moscow are discussing their future fees. They are literally selling themselves out with guts.


Dismissed employees from time to time write to Gabrelyanov and cry the blues.


Living well isn't against the law: luxury real estate and, of course, far away from Russia.


Uber is a handy thing. Once you have indicated your email, your travel routes details will be sent you each time you use it.


Apple is all the same: purchases in the App Store are sent on e-mail.


How to create a "sensation".

Another "sensation": Berkova shot a fake rape of herself and negotiates with LifeNews the details of the future “sensation”.

Download the original video: https://anonfiles.com/file/83a7a9a948798efb829aff2d9cbc0f5a


And of course their favorite topic: Navalny. Fewletters about him:

E-mails (eml format) are sorted into folders and can be easily imported into any e-mail client (for example, in The Bat! Voyager).

Correspondence expands with the Icloud files of Aram Gabrelyanov, which includes photos and videos from his phone:

In the screenshot you can see a small piece of the file. There are 263 files (482 MB).

Aram Gabrelyanov Facebook profile backup is also included.

•             The E-mail messages total size: 6.82 GB.

•             The Icloud files total size: 482 MB.

•             Facebook backup size: 8.20 MB.

Array, among other things, includes two Aram’s devices.

iPhone 6s (Aram) last actualized on 06.23.2016. The volume is 1.49 GB. The device contains 2497 SMS messages, 1579 contacts and 853 media files, 92 notes, as well as call history, calendar events and more. Example of the folders in the device:


iPad Air Aram L! fe last actualized on 29.02.2016. The total size is 267 MB.

The device contains 2950 SMS messages, 2135 contacts and 122 the media files, 68 notes, as well as call history, calendar events and more. Example of folders in the device:

The following examples provide with information from the devices.

Examples of calls:

Examples of content in the folders "media":

Examples of notes:

Some e-mails from Kirill Kovalchuk. He asks for his friend Vasily Anisimov (businessman).

SMS from Nikita Mogutin (LifeNews employee) with the report on the cause of death of Mikhail Lesin.

Communication with a certain LifeNews employee in Syria. Considering the text, we may assume that Aram's interlocutor is a local person, who is not really good at writting on Russian.

A passionate dialog with Vladimir Tyulin in which Aram is using a good-taste obscene vocabulary.

Communication with Konstantin Rykov (well known Internet activist).

Discussing of budget matters with the one of the Kovalchuks.

A friendly WatsApp dialog with Vladimir Markin on some topics.

Aram Gabrelyanov is trying to assure Kirill Kovalchuk that Aram is doing his best to remove the video, which have made Vasily Anisimov upset.

All examples were taken almost by accident.


LifeNews “investigates” the assassination of Boris Nemtsov.

A funny dialogue with Philip Kirkorov about homosexuals. After the publication of this conversation Aram has placed a bounty of 1.000 Bitcoins for “Anonymous International” heads :-) The rest of the file shows the juicy details.

That's the way Aram gets the video of Siluanov.

One of the famous lawyers (or his namesake) sells photos of Snowden.

It looks like one of the proposed photos was purchased and used for the promotion in the United States of the application Babo owned by Ashot Gabrielyanov. Just take a look: http://www.dailydot.com/debug/babo-ashot-gabrelyanov/

However it seems that another photo has never been used anywhere.

A little guide how to destroy the reputation of a journalist (spoiler: all you need is to start work for LifeNews).

A conversation on Facebook with a “good man” who warned about the quadcopter raid organized by Navalny on Mr. Volodin’s dacha.

Important note: there are a significant amount of photos and videos in devices in which minors are present. None of the photos or videos will be posted either by "Anonymous International" or the Exchange of Information in the open public access. They won't be shown in any form during any kind of the array presentation either!

Please note! This information is sold strictly in a single pair of hands.

Then all the information will be removed.

This lot was provided by two vendors: the group "Anonymous International" and the seller with login anonim545@yandex.ru.

5Y : 8d
฿11(Last bid : Red)
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