How to buy information

    In order to acquire the information, you should do the following:

    Sign up on the website by entering your email and receive a letter containing the link to activate your account.

    Before participating in any auction, you can contact us via personal account or send us an email at

    It is also possible to contact us via the messenger Threema (our id is 8JX3Z4YT).

    Otherwise you can do all the steps by yourself:

    1. Sign up

    2. Create a new Bitcoin Wallet (or use existing one) and type its address in your account settings. How to create Bitcoin Wallets you can read on the Internet or follow the instructions on our website:

    3. Download the application Threema for anonymous communication.

    4. Send your Threema ID to the administration of the Exchange or type it in your personal account.

    5. Take part in the auction on our site. To participate in the auction you have to pay a deposit of $ 1 BTK or more, depending on the cost of the lot. After the auction closes the deposit will be returned. There are two opportunities to become a winner. You can compete with other participants, bidding during a certain time limit. A winner is the one who made the maximum bet before the time limit is up. The administration of the Exchange will contact the winner and discuss the details of the Bitcoins transfer. Or you can buy the the lot via "Buy It Now price", using the button "Buy Now". You pay for the lot via your Bitcoin Wallet.

    6. After the payment is made, you will be able to see the sign in your personal account in the tab "Won auctions". You can click the button to download the purchased set of encrypted information. Use the program TrueCrypt and the password to decrypt it. Afterwards you will have 48 hours to explore the information. If the dataset corresponds to the description of the lot, you can close the deal by clicking on the button "Close the deal". The Item will be permanently deleted. Note the password from the encrypted array is visible to the Buyer and the Seller only. It is not available for the administration of the Exchange of Information. If you have any complaints about the quality of the Item, you can make a claim by clicking the appropriate button. The deal will be frozen and the Arbitrator will consider the claim.

    7. If you have any problems with signing up, getting Bitcoins for your wallet or other questions, feel free to contact us by mail. You can receive additional instructions or we'll try to find an alternative solution for you. Email us at info@joker