How does Exchange work

Anyone can take advantages of our platform. You will definitely successed if you have unique information (photos, videos, audio, documents, journalistic material, etc.) that may be interesting to the general public, news media and/or other concerned individuals and legal entities.

The whole process of the Exchange involves:

the Seller - a person with unique information;

the Buyer - a person interested in buying the material;

the Agent and Guarantor of transactions - the administration of the Exchange of Information.

The algorithm of The Exchange of Information is extremely simple and safe.

A seller creates auction item on our website, uploads the encrypted archive of information and its description. The Item is published on our website after the approval.

You may handle a transaction via both auction tender and "Buy It Now trade".

The currency of all transactions is Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency was chosen due to maximum anonymity and safety.

Once a Buyer decides to buy the Item (via "Buy It Now price" or winning the auction), he makes a payment to the Bitcoin Wallet controlled by the Exchange of Information as the Guarantor of transactions.

The Buyer receives links for downloading the encrypted archive and the password to decrypt it. If the Buyer is satisfied and has no claims on the information files received, the Exchange of transfers funds to the Seller's Bitcoin Wallet, minus the commission of 20%. The transaction is completed.

In case of a claim that the received set of information does not match the description, the transaction is frozen and the Arbitrator examines the claim.

In case of the validity of the complaint the funds are completely returned to the Buyer and the transaction is canceled.

The Exchange of Information is just a Guarantor of transactions, it has no access to encrypted archives and/or passwords.